Sports Performance Training

 Our programs help prepare our athletes for their sport safely, help reduce injury, improve mobility and flexibility, increase speed and become more explosive.

Our programs concentrate on the following:

  • Speed: Acceleration and max velocity, top speed mechanics reached quicker, improve relative strength, improve mobility, proper running technique
  • Agility: 1st step quickness, change of direction, proper deceleration techniques
  • Strength: Proper warm up, concentrate on the main indicator lifts and their technique– Presses (Ex: bench press), pulls (Ex: chins), squat, DL, 10yd sprint or some type of broad or vertical. jump)
  • Mobility: Dynamic warm-up drills, body tempering, foam rolling and stretching.
  • Nutrition: Basic nutrition counseling.

For questions, pricing or to sign up for sports performance training, call us at 216-671-7505 or email us at