Old School Iron Gym is a 30,000 sq ft facility that features over one 200 pieces of equipment, including Hammer Strength machines, dumbbells to 200lbs, 5 custom power racks, 5 mono-lifts, 2 belt squat machines, specialty bars, chains and bands, 5 deadlift platforms, plyo-swing, strongman equipment, glute hamstring developer and 3 different reverse hypers (standard, bent pendulum and dual pendulum). Also included is the new Inverse Curl and Hip/Thigh developer invented by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. The two machines offer the most complete hamstring and hip/thigh development. Another key feature is an indoor turf area that is 40’ x 101’ that is used for conditioning: pushing Prowlers, plyo jumps and sled work. 


Another key feature is the addition of a 5000sq ft private personal training area that also includes a sports and wellness clinic. Our clinic has services in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage therapy. The clinic is open to gym members as well as non members. They key to our clinic is the ability to assess, correct and treat you in a real-world training environment. They have access to all the state of the art equipment to help treat you and get you moving and feeling better again!


Old School Iron also has a 1200sq. ft. mat area where class instruction takes place for BJJ, Boxing, Cardio Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing and MMA fundamentals.

“Old School Iron” has been named one of the top training facilities in the country by “BodyBuilding.Com” and is named a Westside Barbell Gym Ambassador by Louie Simmons.